Acne is caused by the follicles on the skin becoming blocked. The sebaceous glands are responsible for producing oil to protect the skin’s barrier. If these are blocked and get inflamed this is where acne occurs. Blockages in the glands can be caused by many external and internal reasons; such as hormonal imbalance, poor diet, using the wrong products for you that cause stress on the skin and general life stress.

If this sounds like you please see our below treatment plans and book in for a thorough consultation. 

Example treatment Plan

Step by Step

Below is a step by step example plan of the treatments and products we might use to treat acne-prone skin. Again, we make sure each plan is tailored to your needs.

** Please take note if you have gone on a course of Doxycycline from your DR this will make you sensitive to light and we may not be able to perform some of the treatments in the below plans.

Click the treatment titles to find out more.

Option 01

Never been touched before acne – this means you have not tried skin peels or anything harsh on your skin at home to treat the problem. Skin is constantly oily and not sensitised.

Option 02

You have tried acne products or other treatments on your skin that might not have been quite right for your skin condition. The skin has acne but is also sensitised and the barrier is under stress. The skin may look red and irritated and is sore to the touch.


Are you ready?

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Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, consultation and moisturise.

30min // $30

Pre treatment

Skin Health

At Silver Sixpence, we like your skin health to be at its best before starting more of the invasive treatments. We find that by sticking to this rule you will achieve faster and better results. Healing time is increased and your skin will have a much better reaction to the treatments if it is hydrated and in a happy place.

Skin help with Bestow

It is really important to remember that with whatever skin plan or treatment you choose, your internal gut and skin health is an important place to start and have in check for the best results.

We recommend our Bestow Love Your Gut pack if you can commit to it. This amazing book; The Gut-Skin Connection is full of yummy recipes, a 7-day plan and retails for $49.

Internally taking a well-rounded dose of Omega 3 and 6 oils will help your skin cells be healthy and strong for whichever treatment you may end up choosing.


The Gut Skin Connection Recipe Book

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Couperose Cleansing Toner (Mist) 200ml


Hydra Comfort Toner (Mist) 200ml


Bio Repair Extra Repair Cream 50ml


Bio Repair Extra Intensive Concentrate Serum 30ml


Beauty From Beneath Capsules

Coola Suncare

Mineral Face SPF30 Tinted Moisturiser (Formally BB+ Cream)


Mineral Powder Foundation SPF


BioComplex Pure Concentrate 30ml



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