No pain, no gain right??? WRONG!


We have been getting great feedback with our new SHR hair removal treatment, with clients saying after one treatment the hair feels a lot softer, and it really does not hurt like the older IPL systems. Hooray!!

I thought it was going to hurt like previous treatments I have had with IPL, why is the SHR not painful? Do you still get the same results?

We call the SHR virtually pain free and have found so far the only places that get a little bit warm are where there are a lot of ingrown hairs all bundled up under the skin – the light treatment works by creating heat to cauterise the blood supply, it is attracted to the pigment in the hair follicle.

So if you have a hair under the skin all curled up, this will create more heat. It might also feel a little bit warmer where the hair growth is thick to start with – the middle part at the top of a brazilian is a good example.

Clients are still saying with this tiny bit of heat it still feels like less heat than even just applying warm wax to the skin and nothing like the hot rubber band flicking of IPL hair removal treatments. Majority of clients don’t feel anything at all.

I’ll get back on track now! So how do we get the same results without the pain?

Without me writing a novel on this…. with traditional IPL hair removal, the energy is delivered in one shot – BANG – hot rubber bands flicking your skin. Ouch.

With SHR the same amount of energy, even sometimes more is delivered into the skin but in smaller bursts with more passes (check out the video on our facebook page to get an idea). Therefore the skin is not heating up or getting damaged (an added bonus of less damage means we can treat all year round). We are still getting the full amount of heat and energy into the hair follicle, but not in one painful shot.


Why are my hairs softer after only one treatment?

When you are catching the hairs in the anagen growth stage you are stopping the growth at that particular follicle by cauterising the blood supply with the SHR treatment. The hair will feel softer because it is already thinning out, even after just one treatment. This is why it is important to come in for your appointments every 4 weeks so that we can catch the next lot of hairs in the anagen stage of life.

We have a lot more information on our Q+L IPL / SHR page if you are wanting to know more, take the time to have a read and understand how this new technology can work for you.


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