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The need to know

What is a rosactive facial?

(Rosactive Phytoceuticals)

Rosactive is a brand of phyto and ceutical products.

A combination of nature and science with clinically proven biologic activities on the skin.

It improves skin imperfections with an emphasis on skin health without the contraindications.


(non surgical facial rejuvenation)

Radio Frequency is a non-invasive aesthetic technique that uses energy to heat tissue and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

Our new Radio Frequency treatment enhances the results of our Rosactive treatments. With Rosactive and Radio Frequency in a combination we are able to offer non-invasive safe treatments without side effects that are pain free but achieve immediate and lasting results.

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ELECTROphoresis (EP)

(instant radiance and hydration)

Electrophoresis technology uses gentle electric pulses to create microscopic channels within the skin to allow nutrients to penetrate the skin cells directly, providing instant radiance and hydration. We use this in the majority of our rosactive facials and is included in the price.

Unsure of which treatment
is right for you?

If you are unsure of which treatments are right for you, please book a skin consultation so we can analyse your skin and recommend the best treatment plan. Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, consultation and moisturiser. 

30min // $30

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This advanced skin treatment offers specific remedies suited to each skin type. A cocktail of serums suited to your skin are applied, followed by an oxygen mask. With a high concentration of plant extracts, this treatment produces immediate results after the first treatment.

45min // $85
60min with RF // $130

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A highly moisturising, skin restoring facial. Dermafill gives the skin a silky texture with the ingredient of Fucomplex that replenishes and seals moisture into the skin. Fucomplex is an ingredient available only in Rosactive products. Enjoy a facial lymphatic drainage massage while the eye peel is on. The Dermafill treatment facial restores the damaged barrier of sensitive or dehydrated skin.

60min //  $115
75min with RF // $160

Buy 5 get 1 free


Eight kinds of hyaluronic acids are used in a no-needle infusion into the skin. The smart VDC biotech HA molecules, self-direct themselves to the wrinkles and fine dry lines. Plumping from the inside, they are longer lasting than any other hyaluronic available. See yourself looking younger, radiant and rejuvenated. Your skin will be toned and your barrier improved. Not all hyaluronic acids are the same.

60min // $175
75min with RF // $220

Buy 5 get 1 free


Detox and refresh with this facial. Whether you have problems with acne and blockages or you are just doing a full body detox and would like to clear your skin, this is the facial for you.
Full of vitamin B, Echinacea, moringa and grapefruit seed, this facial reduces bacteria, inflammation and redness while promoting wound healing.

60min // $155
75min with RF // $200

Buy 5 get 1 free

Bio-Repair Facial

This facial is best suited for you if your skin is one of the following: Red, dehydrated, sore to the touch skin, sensitive to products, and if you have not used any active skin care in the past. We are targeting the skin’s natural moisture content. We aim to restore the skin’s barrier protection strengthen the cells and calm the area.

60min // $155

Buy 5 get 1 free




A quick “SKIN LIFT” treatment for tired or sagging skin – see your face silhouette lifted and rejuvenated, skin more radiant and brightened with improved microcirculation; skin cells oxygenated. Toxins within the cells are transported away more efficiently with improved lymphatic activities. You will look more youthful, luminous with improved firmness.

3x treatments spaced 1 week apart // $215


Brighten, lift and detox the eye area with this treatment specifically targeting dark circles and fine lines. An eye peel is followed by a lymphatic drainage treatment, a hyaluronic eye mask, lifting serum and cream.

// $75


Detox and clear your skin with this freshen up treatment. Depending on your skin health we have different strengths of Glycolic peels to choose from. With our gentle form of Glycolic your skin will look and feel brighter. The peel and extractions are followed by a mask suited to your skin.

// $75


Hydrate and repair your barrier with this mini facial. Repairing your skins barrier and targeting dehydration is the most important first step to reducing lines and wrinkles, plumping and strengthening the skin. The stronger your barrier is the better it will recover from the more intensive treatments, gaining better results.

// $75

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