Snail slime?

I just want to touch quickly on this as we have been having a bit of a laugh in the clinic about it.

For those of you who have not been in to see me lately and heard about how excited I am about this slime, I will briefly tell you what it does and how it is being used.

The ‘Snail Secretion’ is used in the Bio Repair range, I will do another blog post on this as you probably guessed I would like to ramble on about it in depth.

In the Bio Repair range there is a gel mask that we having been using after needling and IPL for full-face skin treatments.

A few very smart lab technicians found that the snails have two types of slime, one they secrete so they can slither along and get where they are going (this one doesn’t have huge benefits to the skin so don’t go buying your slime elsewhere and getting ripped off!).

The second type of slime they secrete is when they slither over a sharp stick or twig and cut themselves – poor wee snail. But healing is super quick with this second type of slime. Can you guess when else they release this special slime? When they are super relaxed and chilling out.

Clients have been guessing how they extract the snail slime and we all wanted to make sure it is cruelty-free.

Don’t worry of course I asked the question in front of a room full of people at the last Rosactive seminar in Auckland.

I would just like to say this was the best training I have ever had in my nearly 15year career as an aesthetician. This lady really knows her stuff (the trainer).  Pauline works hand and hand with the lab technicians in Italy even offering formula advice. I could ask her all of my crazy questions (my mind is always questioning skincare products and how they really work) – anyway, she is the first trainer that could actually answer everything I asked and got super excited to explain in depth how the products really work with the skin, we got down to molecule size and all sorts. I tell you, I could spend weeks with this lady learning off her, my brain is currently jam-packed with her info.

Right, I have done it again and gone off track… snail slime right? Right?

So how do we get the slime in a non cruel way? You guessed it… Tummy massages. The Rosactive snails do live in the lab, but they are in large habitats, with lots of plants and veggies to snack on. There are 7 snail families and once a week each family gets their tummies massaged and out comes the good slime, the rest of the week they chill out with their family and friends snacking. Yip this is actually a real job – ‘snail tummy massage guy’ – I wouldn’t mind that job.

Don’t be fooled though not all companies would go to these lengths to keep the snails happy, there are very nasty ways of making the snails excrete the slime. I am not one to condone people being horrible to any kind of critter or animal. A happy healthy snail means more slime for us.

More about the slime in the mask now…. Who uses it? How does it work?

In parts of the world such as Dubai, Russia and many European countries the Bio Repair range is most popular with plastic surgeons and in burn units. The slime is known to excel the healing process and promote collagen and elastin production. So if you are in for a dermal needling or a full face IPL treatment, expect to walk out with your slime mask on, as the longer it is on the better!

Watch this space for more information on the Bio Repair range.


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